Conversion Rate Optimsation

Quick Landing Page Optimisation Wins for your website

Your landing pages are more important than you think. Every visitor’s first impression of your site is based on this page. Optimising your landing pages will enhance user experience and will translate to more conversions. Listed below are quick landing page optimisation tips that will help you score.

The Power of A/B Testing

A/B testing allows you to test variants of your page to determine which one produces higher results. Landing page optimisation will show you just the kind of design you need to increase engagement, generate more leads and how to produce more desired actions. Once you are able to discover one win on a landing page it may just lead to exponential wins on other landing pages as well.

Make it interesting and gripping

Ensure your landing page isn’t cluttered with information and visuals but is clear has clarity and congruence. This way your visitors will know just what your page has to offer as soon as they land on it. Digital marketing pundits advocate following the 1-1-1 Rule – one value proposition, one clear message and one Call-to Action helps convert leads into customers.

Show that your brand can be trusted

Most people are more likely to convert if they know your brand is trustworthy. See if you can get industry influencers or customers to write reviews or to give a quote about your product on your landing pages. Showing social proof like number of followers on Twitter, Facebook likes or number of subscriptions can help shine a glowing light on your brand.